Las Vegas with a Baby

Photo of old neon signs: a martini glass, a man playing pool, and the letters RE

Our first vacation as a family was to Las Vegas for New Years Eve. Despite other travel blogs I read on Las Vegas being a family friendly place, I found it to be quite the opposite. I couldn’t wait to get out of this depressing city.

A Day in Venice

photo of the grand canal on a sunny day

Our goals for the day were to do grocery shopping at the Rialto Market, try to get rush tickets to La Fenice, visit T Fondaco dei Tedeschi, El Grande Canal, and Campo San Barnaba where a scene from Matt’s favourite Indiana Jones movie was filmed. However, we spent most of the day lost and trying to dodge the crowds, which didn’t quite work out for us…

Journey to Venice

Our trip took off with a red eye flight to London, an 8 hour layover in Gatwick, then a 2 hour flight to Venice, arriving at our final destination at nightfall. We booked a ‘daylet’ in Gatwick to get some napping in and a shower during our layover.

Last Hours in Scotland

Photo of a whitewashed house below green mountains

The final hours of our trip to Scotland were uneventful. Our aim for the day was to visit the filming locations for the TV show Shetland and check out a new restaurant. However, neither turned out quite as planned…