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Photo of Nell and Matt smiling in front of a steamy hot spring
Nell and Matt in Iceland

Nell is an inclusive designer and photography enthusiast based out of Toronto who is well known for her fondness for hats – especially her signature black beret.

This travel blog documents Nell’s adventures abroad. Nell began her travel blog during her trip to China in 2013. Since catching the travel bug, Nell has been aiming to do one trip abroad each year, either solo or accompanied.

To read about Nell’s more localized travels within North America and her everyday life, follow her original blog, The Black Beret.¬†You can also follow her on Instagram and Facebook for more content!

Bon voyage!

Photos and Videos Used on this Site

All photo and videos (except those credited to others or Creative Commons) are taken by and the property of the blog author, Nell.

Traveler’s Note:

This travel blog is written on an iPhone, often on a bumpy bus, and without access to the full WordPress site. Please excuse any odd auto-corrects, misspellings, missing tags, or grammatical errors that may appear in this blog.

And FYI: ‘Post by E-mail’ is very handy in countries that block North American social media sites, such as China.


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Nell is a designer based out of Toronto. She is active on social media and as a photographer documenting her interest in travel, nature, food, and culture.

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