All dollar amounts ($) in Canadian Dollar

GBP = Great British Pound (on average, £1 = $1.76 CAD)

Below are the expenses for a comfortable 7-day budget-conscious trip for two through the Scottish Highlands. Our trip was in mid-September, which is still considered “High Season” in Scotland.

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Travelling to Scotland:

Roundtrip Flight: $1349.51 = $674.75 per person (pp) total with checked baggage and fees included.

This includes $413.14 fee to add an extra day to our trip, which accounts for $206.57 each. If we hadn’t added the extra day, the roundtrip flight would have cost us only $475 each!

We flew with West Jet and used Hopper to determine the best date to book

Travelling within Scotland:

Car rental: $434.16 = $217.08 pp (automatic drive)

We rented with SIXT. $38.99 was the reservation fee and $147.80 was a car upgrade. The car rental itself was $247.37.

Gas: $80.81 + $82.31 = $163.12 total ($81.56 pp)

Our car was pretty stellar on gas. We only had to fill up twice with our road trip totalling 803 miles – that’s 1,292 km!

Ferries: $0
Road tolls: $0 (the £2 fee to enter the Glasgow airport was included in our Uber fare)

Public Transit: £1.70 each (single ticket in Glasgow)
Car share/taxi: $29.88 to Glasgow airport from the West End. We also spent $17.63 total going back and forth from our hotel and car rental in Glasgow.
Airport Bus: £8 each (one way ticket)


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Glasgow – first night: $167.12 = $83.56 pp
Glencoe: $108.55 = $54.27 pp
Isle of Skye: $250.97 = $62.74 pp per night
Loch Ness: $226.46 = $113.23 pp
Edinburgh: $70.87 = $35.44 pp
Glasgow – last night: $104.79 = $52.39 pp

Total: $928.76
Average cost: $132.68 per night, or $66.34 per night per person


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Groceries: $34.23 + 20.23 + 15.41 = $69.87, or about $5 pp per day
Eating out: $374.86 total, or $26.77 pp per day

Food Costs Day-by-day:

Amounts shown are the total bill for two people. Dinner prices usually include a drink each.

Day 1 – Glagsow:

  • Breakfast at the Papercup: $23.62
  • Lunch at Inn Deep: $32.58
  • Dinner at Tennents Bar: $22.01

Day 2 – Glasgow to Glencoe:

  • Breakfast at hotel (included with accommodation)
  • Lunch at the Real Food Cafe: £7.10
  • Dinner at Clachaig Inn: £23.90

Day 3 – Glencoe to Portree:

  • Breakfast at Clachaig Inn (included with accommodation)
  • Packed lunch from Clachaig Inn: £13.90
  • Snack at the Plockton Hotel: £9.50
  • Dinner at hostel (groceries)

Day 4 – Portree:

  • Lunch at the Oyster Shed: $24.53
  • Breakfast and dinner at hostel (groceries)

Day 5 – Portree to Foyers: 

  • Breakfast and lunch (groceries)
  • Dinner at pub: $53.33

Day 6 – Foyers to Edinburgh:

  • Breakfast at B&B (included with accommodation)
  • Coffee break at Cafe Calluna: $13.22
  • Dinner at Nobles Cafe Bar: $84.07

Day 7 – Edinburgh to Glasgow: 

  • Breakfast at AirBnB (groceries)
  • Coffee break at Pep & Fodder: $11.17
  • Lunch at John Lewis: $20.20
  • Dinner at Hurtlet Carvery: $18.04

Average cost of budget-conscious food and drink in Scotland observed during our trip:

Average cost of a coffee: £2
Average cost of a pint: £4
Average cost of a prepackaged sandwich: £3.50

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  • Entrance to Urquhart Castle$31.53 = $15.76 pp
  • Parking at the Fairy Pools (like an admission fee): £5

Cash When Travelling

I drew out about $180 CAD cash in GPB for the trip and came home with one £20 bill left. Having cash was a necessity as some of the best places do not accept card! (such as the Pier Hotel in Portree – our favourite bar of the trip for live music!)

When I went to the bank to draw out GBP a day before we were to leave on our trip, my bank said I needed to order foreign currency a week in advance. They gave me what they had on hand to get me started, but I had to draw out more in Scotland when we were on the Isle of Skye. When I drew out half at the ATM machine at the Co-op Food store in Portree, I was charged £1.50 by the ATM and $5 from my bank. So, my advice is to order your GBP in advance!


International Roaming with TELUS:  $13.56 per day ($6.78 each)
We didn’t need it in Glasgow due to wifi offered everywhere, but did use it for the other 5 days of our trip ($67.80). Having data roaming was very convenient as we could use Google Maps, Yelp, and look up information as needed. However, cellphone reception is very poor in Scotland – even in the suburbs of Glasgow, so having data was not as useful as it could have been.

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