The Purpose

The Black Beret Abroad was initially created to share Nell’s trip to China with friends and family through her writing and her photos. Since then, Nell has expanded the blog to include content useful to other travellers planning their own trips, such as the actual cost of her travels (see Budget) and reviews of specific places and activities.

New for this trip, The Black Beret Abroad will be posting additional content on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. She looks forward to sharing 360 videos and short clips with you throughout her adventures!

You can always read her most recent posts through The Latest. While there, you can also signup to have new blog posts appear right in your email inbox as they’re posted (if you don’t use social media yourself).

Nell likes to travel light, so writes her blog on her phone. Please excuse any odd typos (predictive typing!), grammatical errors, or missing tags.

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Nell is a designer based out of Toronto. She is active on social media and as a photographer documenting her interest in travel, nature, food, and culture.

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