Below are the expenses for a short holiday in and around London, England. The first half of the trip was spent in Venice, Italy (see Venice’s Budget).

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Travelling to England

Flight from Toronto to London in March: $275.57 each way = $551 CAD per person, round trip (includes baggage, taxes, and fees)

Fee to select seats: $25/pp per flight = $100 total

We flew with West Jet and used Hopper and Google Flights to determine the best date to fly and book

  • Accommodation at the Blades Hotel: $486.02 ($162/night or $81pp)

Day 1: Venice to London

  • Oyster cards for public transit: $54.56 (£5 card + £10 in fares x 2 people)
  • Dinner for two at the Gallery pub: $58.57 (£32.40)

Day 2: Bus Tour Day

  • Bus tour with Evan Evans Tours: $319.14 total = $159.57pp
  • Two half pints at the Eagle and Child pub in Oxford: $25.28 (£8.45 + £5.55)
  • Sandwich at Pret at Victoria Coach Station: $3.22 (£1.79)
  • Cinnamon bun at the Cinnamon Cafe in Windsor: $5.42 (£3)

Day 3: In and around London

Day 4: Leaving London

  • $0

$ = CAD

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